Carpet cleaning methods we offer:

Hot Water Extraction (also Known as Steam Cleaning)
When carpet cleaning, we use hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning while most carpet cleaning companies use shampoo systems which only clean the top of your carpets. This results in the stains reappearing after a few days.

This method is started with a pre-spot application to treat stubborn stains and heavily soiled areas. The steam cleaning penetrates the carpets giving it a deep clean and the strong suction removes all harmful and abrasive particles and lifts the pile.

Dry Cleaning (Sebo machinery)
This is also a very effective way of cleaning your carpets.

This method we often use where cables have been laid under the carpets and water may not be used. We also use this method where carpets must be serviceable immediately, such as in old age homes and children’s homes. This method works well on cold and rainy days as no water is used and carpets are not wet.