Benefits of Regular Deep Cleaning

We recommend that your carpets be cleaned at least twice a year, this controls dust mite, reducing allergies. - No dust for dust mites to breed in.

The removal of deep-seated grit, grime and abrasive particles ensures that carpets are healthy and it also extends the life of your carpets by reducing wear.

Tips to prolong the life of your carpet

Always have a doormat near the front and back door to prevent dirt and abrasive particles from outside being trodden into your carpets.

Vacuum your carpets regularly to remove any dirt or dust that is on your carpets, it also lifts the pile making them look and feel better.

Spills and stains – Quickly blot up the liquid or solid working from the outside inwards with a knife or scraper to prevent the spill spreading over the carpet. With liquids use a clean paper towel or absorbent cloth.

Regular carpet cleaning – regular carpet cleaning on a 6 monthly basis will prolong the life of your carpets, it will keep your carpets looking good and help to reduce wear.

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